As an Area Coach with KFC the sky really is the limit. Not only will you get to lead amazing teams and restaurants, you will learn new things every day. You will really feel the difference and impact that your decisions make. They really do matter.

As a high potential Area Coach, you will be on a development plan towards that of a broader coach role (e.g. Regional Coach, Ops Director or another role within our Restaurant Support centre).

At the core of the business you'll find our Area Coach

You will have total accountability for 8 to 10 restaurants with varying numbers of team member and sales volumes.

  • In-depth management and operational expertise.
  • Thorough commercial and strategic planning as well as execution.
  • People focused at all levels - Relationship building as well as formal team and individual development.
  • Pushing yourself and your team to produce multiple solutions to drive step-change performance.
  • Ability to work remotely and maintain lasting relationships throughout the ops teams and at our central ‘Restaurant Support Centre’ (RSC).
  • Setting, engaging and executing the area/region vision.

The Region Coach supports and leads the Region team.

You will be part of 1 of 4 Regions we have throughout the UK - Scotland & North, Midlands, London Anglia, South West and Wales.

Each region is led by an Region Coach (a role we hope you will aspire to) and supported by a number of field based people.

  • HRBP
  • Training Team
  • Recruitment Team
  • Health & Safety Coaches
  • Audit Team
  • Plus all the departments in the RSC
5 ways you'll make an impact at KFC 5 ways you'll make an impact at KFC

Dear Diary:
A week in the life
of an Area Coach

You know your Area better than anyone else, so only you’ll know when is the best time to visit your teams. It could be that you want to see them on a busy Sunday lunchtime or early morning on a Thursday, you control your week and if that means taking Monday off and working Sunday then that’s your call.

  • Monday


    I spent the day coaching my new team of Team Leaders. This part of my role enables me to identify and develop my new management team of tomorrow who are starting out on their own career ladders.

    I will spend time in Restaurant with them supported by my People Coach and between us all we will ensure they are ready to pass the final stage of their training which is an assessment.

  • Tuesday
  • Wednesday


    Here I am completing one of my scheduled visits.

    This is where I have selected products to ensure they are Gold Standard and meet all of the company standards. I looked for appearance including colour and coverage of our secret recipe coating, temperature, and of course taste.

    This is an important part of my routine and it ensures consistency and enables me to give feedback to the Restaurant teams who take pride in serving nothing but the best. We do have various pieces of equipment in our kitchens but nothing can replace our product tests.

  • Friday


    As part of my restaurant visits I review many different areas from cleanliness to training, food safety to financial performance.

    The most important area is Customers. We love receiving feedback and customers receive a discount when telling us how we are doing. I am also able to take a snap shot from our Drive Thru timers. This information helps us review a number of measures from number of cars to average delivery times.

  • Saturday


    The most amazing part my role is being in restaurants with my teams.

    As an AC I have a number of reviews and visits I need to complete but I never miss an opportunity to recognise great performances or anyone who goes the extra mile. We have recognition cards but everyone loves treats.

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