We're always looking for ways to make our site better for everyone who visits. A big part of that is not only making sure you can find what you're looking for, but also giving you more of what you're interested in when you come back... and less of what you're not.

To do this, we use cookies (most of the sites you use do too). You've probably heard of them; they're small text files that sit on your computer, tablet or phone (whatever you use to visit the site). Cookies help us store information about the way you like to use the site - the links you click, the pages you visit, that sort of thing. Having these cookies means that next time you visit, we can remember the kind of things you have liked looking at before so we can serve up more like that.

We use cookies to get to know how people like to use our site and to find out whether our online ads are working properly. It's how we know if we need to fix anything. Cookies also help us include fun features (like Facebook 'likes' and the ability to tweet), and to see which of our products are most popular (so we can make sure our future menu items are even better!).

It's no secret we specialise in chicken, not computers. So most of the cookies we use are provided by other companies (they're known as third-party cookies). You can find a list of the companies we use below.

So that's what we do with our cookies. But just as important is what we don't do.

We don't collect any personally identifiable info and we never ever sell your data to advertisers. We share some anonymous information with the companies that provide the cookies, but only what they need to make the site run better.

Of course, it's your computer (or phone, or tablet) - which means it's your choice. So if you want to change your cookie settings, just click on the link for your browser below:

Here's some links for the companies we work with to provide cookies for our site:

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