Our Graduate Programme

Our Graduate Programme is designed to be a platform for rapid career development. KFC is a part of Yum!, the world's largest restaurant group - so the scope for moving up is global. In fact, KFC in the UK & Ireland has a proven record for fast-tracking talent up into the global Yum! business. So wherever you want to go, we can take you there.

Of course, you'll start off by training in one of our restaurants and, once you know exactly how our Operations function, you'll move on from there. First an Area Role. Then a Regional role. Then, possibly, into a Global role. Let's face it, starting out in a restaurant never held The Colonel back!

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Rewards & Incentives

You can read about the rewards available to our Graduates in our brochure. There's a starting salary of £24,000 - but that really is only the start. There are a host of other incentives and bonuses which make it a really attractive package, £30,000 in your first year in fact.

However, we think that the most rewarding element of working at KFC is the same in 2015 as it was in 1955. It's the freedom, the ambition and the sense that, like the Colonel, you can really create a lasting legacy in a business that welcomes, values and rewards your contribution.

Class of 2013

Operations Leadership Scheme
Rob Frame

So why chicken and chips?

I joined because this was the company who had won Britain's Top Employer Award 3 years in a row. The KFC Operations Leadership Scheme really grabbed my attention as it was offering both an operational and leadership development programme all in the space of 12 months. This title does not do the scheme justice, it should be advertised as a 12 month personal journey in the world of chicken and chips, because this is what it is.

You don't just learn every operational procedure in the Quick Service Restaurant industry, nor do you just learn how to run a multi - million pound business. What makes this scheme different is the personal journey you take along the way as you manage people of all ages and cultures. The scheme really comes to life as it gives you the opportunity take the teams on your journey and gather support from everyone in the KFC family from people at our Restaurant Support Centre (that's what we call Head Office), to our field workers as well as our amazing teams in restaurant.

Coming into my 11th month I am moving across the UK and swapping Newcastle for Stoke to gather some more critical experience to ensure I'm ready and raring to go with my own restaurant in a couple of months' time.

Operations Leadership Scheme
Emma Chaplen

I had been working for KFC for five years when the opportunity of the graduate scheme came up and I realised that my job at KFC didn't have to just paid the bills, it could be a career.

Day to day life in store changes all the time, it's a fast paced environment but the team are really supportive. As well as being on the shop floor, I am responsible for employee schedules, hiring, weekly stock counts and controlling labour and food costs. I have worked in five restaurants in total and moving around has been amazing, I have learnt a lot from all that I have trained with.

The Graduate Scheme can be challenging and I found it hard to balance my training with managing in restaurant, but the support I received from my RGMs and Area Managers helped me with this. Since the scheme started I have realised that I have a passion for developing other people and one of my proudest moments in KFC was supporting a team member through the Team Leader process - it's nice to think I played a little part in his career.

Operations Leadership Scheme
Alex Batty

I'm Alex, graduate in the North West Region. I decided to apply for the KFC scheme because I felt it offered great career prospects with the potential to work internationally (and also because I was probably hungry and really fancied some fresh juicy KFC chicken!!). When I began to research the company I really fell in love with them, the more I read the more I wanted to be part of this #greatplacetowork, from the work we do with the World Food Programme and Barnados, to our commitment to great tasting food.

Since joining I have found that KFC really live and breathe their culture, putting people and development at the top of their priorities. The scheme offers so many chances for growth, with hands on experience on the shop floor, leading a lively team and getting daily feedback to regular development sessions throughout the year just for the graduates. I particularly enjoyed the Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) session, a psychometric questionnaire designed to profile your working style.

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How to apply

We accept online applications all year round, however we do have a lot of people apply early on - so if you don't hear from one of the team for a little while after we acknowledge your application, don't panic!

We're looking for people with at least a 2:1 in their degree, who will be ready to start working with us from September 2015. Good luck!

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*please note the above rewards are illustrative of those on offer to employees of KFC GB Ltd, and may vary to some degree in our Franchise owned and operated restaurants.