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Yum! was created in 1997 when PepsiCo spun off its restaurant division; we're now the world's largest restaurant company with over 40,000 restaurants in more than 125 countries and 1.5m employees.

We are ranked in the top 220 on the FORTUNE 500 and last year had revenues of more than $13 billion.

Our brands KFC, Pizza Hut and Taco Bell are the global leaders of the chicken, pizza and Mexican-style food categories.

Restaurant Support Centre

Since our restaurants are at the heart of everything we do, we call Head Office the Restaurant Support Centre or "RSC"

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Our Departments

  • Development

    Our Development team find, build and create our restaurants. From acquiring sites to designing and constructing stunning interiors and exteriors, they make sure we have great restaurants to operate out of.

    Josh (Architectural Technician)
  • Legal

    Our legal team works across all three brands, providing expert advice to our commercial teams as innovative business enablers. Whether it is negotiating and drafting supplier contracts or handling issues relating to intellectual property and dispute resolution, they keep us ahead of the game.

    Sarah (Legal Director)
  • Restaurant Excellence

    The Restaurant Excellence team act as consultants to the operations of KFC. They ensure that through engineering, technology, auditing and communications, we keep challenging the status quo and stay ahead of our competitors when it comes to operating exceptional restaurants.

    Natalie (Operations Implementation Manager)
  • Operations

    Our restaurants are our brand, run by passionate business leaders who want to make a difference in their part of Yum! Our Regional and Area Coaches make sure their businesses are bursting with talented people, delivering great sales and profits to the business and keeping our customers thrilled with great service.

    Tom (Area Coach)
  • Finance

    Whether it is our Control or Commercial function, KFC's finance team keep us afloat. They analyse and advise on sales and marketing trends, protect our assets, keep our suppliers happy and report back to our parent company in the US to make sure we keep growing.

    Annette (Finance Manager)
  • Human Resources

    Our HR team focuses on creating a legacy of leadership through training, education and employment. They attract, recruit and develop our teams across the business to make sure everyone can be their best self, make a difference and have fun.

    Ed (Resourcing and Employer Brand Manager)
  • Information Technology

    The IT team looks to elevate the customer experience through designing and implementing the latest technologies in both Head Office and our restaurants. Our developers and analysts looks to increase efficiency across the country through innovation that keeps us on top.

    Sonya (Systems Innovation Manager)
  • Marketing

    Building a big brand is not an easy task, but the marketing team are always discovering new ways to promote KFC, through new products, engaging advertising and inspiring brand management.

    Grant (Marketing Manager)
  • Product Excellence Development

    From farms and factories to the customer, the Product Excellence team - through Food Technology, Quality Assurance, Health and Safety and Supply Chain - deliver outstanding products to the right place at the right time.

    Janet (Head of Health and Safety)

Corporate Social Responsibility

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There's more to KFC than great food. We are passionate about our community, our people and our environment. Read all about how we're sogood for more than just chicken here:

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Employee benefits

At KFC we offer a unique and totally individual benefits programme, where you can select the things that matter the most to you.

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Medical Insurance

Medical Insurance, also known as private healthcare, enables you to access private medical care rather than using the NHS. As a private patient, you can choose when you are treated, which specialist looks after you, and which hospital you are treated in, subject to the provider's policy terms.

Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is designed to provide you and your family with security should you fall ill, or suffer an accident or loss, while abroad. The benefit offers you comprehensive, year-round travel insurance including cover for winter sports, for your holiday and leisure travel.

Gym Membership

GymFlex is a service which enables you to sign up to gym memberships at discounted corporate rates from a wide variety of different health clubs, gyms and leisure centres.

Cycle to work

The Cycle to Work scheme is a government sponsored tax-efficient way to lease a bike for up to £1,000. Payments are spread over 12 months. Mountain bikes and leisure bikes are also available under this scheme.

Childcare Vouchers

This option allows parents to save tax and national insurance on childcare costs.

Dining Membership

The Gourmet Society dining card offers up to 50% off meals at over 6,500 restaurants across the UK & Ireland.

Car Breakdown Cover

By being a member of the AA scheme, you will benefit from Breakdown Cover. The level of cover will depend on the option you select. Personal Members covers you - not just the car. So even if you're a passenger in someone else's car you can still call on your AA Breakdown cover.

My Car - New

The mycar benefit scheme allows you to lease a brand new car while saving money by using salary sacrifice. By choosing a car with a low carbon dioxide (CO2) output the tax on the car can be substantially less than the savings made on income tax and National Insurance contributions on the salary foregone, giving you a net saving.


The aim of the KFC Group Pension Plan is to allow you to build up a sum of money in a tax-efficient way, to be used as an income when you retire. Both you and KFC will contribute to your pension fund. The amount that KFC contributes is dependent on your own choice of contribution but our 1.5x matching scheme is a great benefit.

Dental Insurance

The dental plans will help encourage good oral health. Cover is available regardless of your previous dental history, age or whether you see an NHS or private dentist.

Mobile Phones - New

This scheme offers you the chance to save up to 42% on your next mobile phone contract, by paying for it via Salary Sacrifice over a period of 24 months. There is a great range of handsets and a wide selection of tariffs from 3, T Mobile and Orange.

Holiday Trading

You have the chance to decide how many holiday days you have by selling back or buying an extra 1, 2 or 3 days per year.

*please note the above rewards are illustrative of those on offer to employees of KFC GB Ltd, and may vary to some degree in our Franchise owned and operated restaurants.

Our personal recognition awards

At KFC we love to celebrate success and give out personal recognition awards, our way of thanking someone for their performance or behaviour and celebrating their success.

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